About us

Albinopino The Label sprung to life in 2021 when I was visiting my local thrift store. It was an authentic rug that caught my eye and immediately ideas started flowing in: “I could turn this piece into something entirely new and different!”

Being inspirated by my background in the fashion industry, I incorporated tapestry into sweaters and continued doing so when I received compliments from others. It gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizon and what started out as an unique brand in handmade sweaters only began to grow! There are several different product options to choose from at this moment.

My products are made of antique Gobelin Carpets and embroidered paintings but my new collection also includes newly woven carpets and fleece pieces.

My brand stands for uniqueness, authenticity and feeling comfortable expressing yourself. Wear something handmade and customised to your liking. The possibilities are endless because you can send in a photo or art piece of your choice, choose your own fabric, a specific item of clothing, the placement on this item or add a pop of colour!

All you have to do is to reach out to me and I will make your ideas become reality!


When you've decided on what to order, the order will usually be sent your way (shipped) in about 2 days time.

On top of that, orders of 130 euros and above come with an exclusive Albinopino The Label totebag!


With love and passion,